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the livejournal

January 13th, 2009

ugh! @ 08:03 am


ever since new management took over my apartment complex, they’ve started this rule that you can’t have puppies or kittens. animals have to be at least a year old before you get them. this is unfair, if you ask me, because it seems like they’re trying to keep people from obtaining new animals…it’s like they’re only allowing animals that were with the residents once they moved in.

anyway, so the bug guy comes today, and a maintenance man came with him. well, said maintenance man– who’s never said shit about carli, norma jean, etc.– effing tattles on me to the management. i got a call soon after they came by from the front office, telling me i can’t keep a puppy here. i said it was my friend’s dog and i was puppy-sitting for the time being. either way, i’ve got a find a place for bess to go since i know they’ll be checking throughout the week to see whether or not the puppy’s still here.

i’m so upset. ugh.

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the livejournal