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time flies, eh? @ 07:47 pm


so here we are nearing the end of january, and it seems like we were ringing in the new year yesterday. wait, who am i kidding? it seems like we were ringing in 2008 just yesterday. dang.

anyway, so nothing’s really gone on here lately. i’ve helped nicole sell a lot of stuff online…some Manolo Blahnik shoes, some video games, etc. i’ve been reading a lot of stuff for school, going to work…nothing else much. i’ve spent a lot of time in douglas lately taking care of bess (who’s currently residing with my parents) since my landlord won’t allow puppies to stay here. i’m hoping to have her back here come may…i’m anxiously awaiting it.

anyway, that’s about it, really. as for the last entry, my friends are doing alright. they’re doing the best they can, i mean…they’re just grateful to be alive and well. the friend who was sexually assaulted is seeking counseling, and she’s being extremely strong. i’m so proud of her; she’s such an amazing woman. i thank you all on their behalf for all your prayers, good vibes, thoughts, etc. they’ve definitely needed it.

that being said…that’s the end of this blog entry.

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the livejournal