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ch-ch-changes! @ 06:30 pm


after several days of wii fit action, i’ve decided that i really love it. i got it for christmas, and bek and jacob and i have been playing it since i got back. it’s fun, it’s active, and it tracks your progress! so awesome.

i got an ipod touch for christmas, as well, and had to send it off to the apple folks the other day. once i tried to install the latest software update, it wasn’t being recognized anymore by my computer. i couldn’t even restore the thing. it was terribly, terribly frustrating! here’s hoping they can fix it…and if not, maybe they can just send me a new one. =P

today, nicole, jacob, and i went to grand bay. it was chilly but nice outside. we had a pretty good time. lola grace (jacob’s shih-tzu puppy) slept in my hoodie pocket nearly the entire time. i swear. yes, it’s effing precious.

so…there’s about to be a huge change at my apartment regarding my, uh, vast assortment of wildlife. norma jean, my rat, is going back to her original owner, and carli sue, my cat, is more than likely going to live with my supervisor, elizabeth. she’s going to be an outdoor cat, something i think she needed to be, anyway, due to her nasty attitude. i’m really sad to let her go, but i’ve been thinking about it for awhile now. i think she’ll be a lot happier outside, anyway. regardless, i’m pretty sad to give her up, even if she IS a heinous bitch…she’s sweet about 20% of the time, honestly.

why am i giving my animals up? well, this is where i probably seem nasty and selfish. lola grace’s sister, elizabeth, needs a home, and i’m going to get her. i’m VERY excited about owning a shih-tzu puppy. i’ve wanted a shih-tzu for a very long time, and i’m confident i can raise her well. i feel terrible about having to give up 2 animals for the dog, but i think ultimately, it’s for the best.

what do YOU think?

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